Dunes Waterfront Resort

By Andrew Phillips
Published on December 14th, 2015

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Dunes Waterfront Resort offers breathtaking views, as it is located on Silver Lake and overlooks the remarkable sand dunes. Between Silver Lake and Lake Michigan some 2,000 acres of open moving sand dunes create a panorama that is both amazing and inviting. Guests can experience the dunes in a Dune Buggy, hike over the open sand, bring or rent an off-road vehicle to test their skills, or enjoy a delightful and informative Jeep tour of this spectacular area. Guests are guaranteed to find what they are looking for as they explore the Silver Lake Sand Dunes/Hart area.

“When the reservation system we were using went through changes and became increasingly complicated, we began to look for alternatives.  Around that time Bay Lakes was featured on an episode of ‘Hotel Impossible.’ We reached out to them. At this point we were fast approaching a new hotel season and had limited time to implement and learn a new system. We were concerned we might be trading one challenge for another. However, our fears were soon allayed. The Bay Lakes team worked quickly to get us up and running and trained. The best part was, and continues to be, that the system actually makes sense! It is extremely user-friendly, and training staff on it has been tremendously easy. When we have a question or encounter something unfamiliar, Bay Lakes’ response is quick and professional, and a solution is reached. We are entering our second year with Lodgical Solution, and I continue to be extremely grateful to have found the Bay Lakes team and Lodgical Solution.” –Dean and Renee Berens, owners

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