Frequently Asked Questions


What products does Lodgical Solution offer?

Lodgical Solution products include Lodgical Solution, Lodgical Solution POS, InnLine and Room Tax Software.

Do you connect to CRS/GDS providers?

Yes. We interface with most of the world-wide providers and channel management companies and provide the most up-to-date interface specifications to most CRS/GDS providers.

Are Lodgical Solution products PCI compliant?

Yes. In fact, they are not only compliant, they meet the highest level of compliancy available. Our products are either zero scope or virtually zero scope PCI compliant. That means our software never touches, stores or transmits raw credit card data, leaving your property more secure. All of our products that are in scope are certified by Trustwave and meet the highest level of security possible.



Is my property right for Lodgical Solution?

Yes. We are proud to have products that work for anything from the smallest properties to some of the largest properties in the United States. If you are a hotel, motel, condo, timeshare, campground, marina, extended-stay property or an employee housing organization, our software is currently being used in your type of business.

Why use Lodgical for our PMS when there are national brands out there?

First and most important, we are a national brand. Bay Lakes was started in the American Midwest and has grown to be a provider of software worldwide. Our company is focused on customer support, and we work with you like you work with your clients. We proudly employ people who have a strong background in hospitality. So your experience with us is sure to be one you can relate to.

Who owns my data?

YOU DO! Our software provides easy tools for you to export your data at any time to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV-text document. If for some reason you need to leave us as your PMS provider, you can simply press a button and have 100 percent of your data exported in a format you’ll understand. Your customer list is important to your business. It is not for us to control.

How many users can log into Lodgical Solution?

Many. We have properties who run Lodgical on a single tablet, and we have other properties who have more than 150 concurrent users using the software.

Can you import data from my existing PMS system?

Absolutely. If you can provide your data in an Excel spreadsheet, Access database or CSV document, we can import it into Lodgical Solution.

Does Lodgical work with my door locks, HVAC system and other on-site hardware?

Yes. We work with most door lock providers and phone systems, as well as many other external devices commonly used in the hotel environment. We provide our native interfaces, meaning you don’t have to pay extra to deal with a third-party vendor.



If I need help, what do I do?

Call us at 920.746.0606. We are available during normal business hours. After hours, you can always reach us through our 24-hour pager service.

How do you support us?

We include in the price of our support a product which allows us to remotely connect to your computer system, upon your approval, to help you one-on-one with support. You may be tens of thousands of miles away from our office, but you are only a click away from getting a technician to help you out.

Will I get unexpected charges from Lodgical Solution for my support?

No. We have an annual support contract with our clients. Our support contracts are very affordable and include everything. If it has to do with our software, it is included. Support calls, product updates and our webinars are all included.

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