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Use these videos to train new employees or refresh your own brain for the new season.

See how Lodgical works in action via video tutorial. Our videos are time-stamped to make it easy to find the situation you are looking for. Learn how a function of Lodgical works in real play-by-play. The process is sped up, but you will see how Lodgical acts at each button click.

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Making a Reservation

This tutorial goes over two ways to make a reservation in Lodgical. Create a reservation via the “Add Reservation” button or directly on the chart. Figure out which way you prefer.

Creating and Sending HTML Emails

HTML emails are bright and professional–include your logo and images of the property with hardcodes that personalize the name, reservation number, balance, and other guest information. Bay Lakes creates them for the property initially, but as you use them, you may find that you want to personalize them to meet your needs. Here is a video to help you either edit them or create a new one.

Quick Fill & Quick Rate Functions

Take control of your rates with a few clicks. To adjust the length of stay or rates for an entire rate class, use Quick Rate. To individualize the rules and rates for a unit type, the Quick Fill function is your friend. Make your rates work for you.

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